Yearly Membership Fee: $70
Dues run from January 1st to December 31st of each year and are not prorated

Lamb Registration Fee: $15

Lamb/Sheep Transfer Fee: $15

Lost ear tag correction to Certificate of Registration (CoR): $3

Lost Certificate of Registration (CoR): $15

Research Fee: $25 + $15 (COR) = $40 total
(Please call the registry before submitting research)

You must be a current member to register or transfer sheep.

Please Note: Registration/Transfer fee will be $25 if the lamb was not registered in the year in which it was born or if the lamb/sheep was not transferred in the year in which was purchased.

Certified copy of lost original registration (must be current owner): $25

Three-generation Pedigree (must be current owner): $25

What do I get for my membership, registration, and transfer fees?

You are now part of the original Olde English “Babydoll” Southdown Registry. Robert Mock, founder, saved these sheep from extinction, gave them a name to identify them from their larger American Southdown cousins, and found them a consistent market niche. The Olde English “Babydoll” Registry is a stable registry that began in 1991, has continually promoted the “Babydolls,” and strives to protect the purity and integrity of the breed. Your membership fee helps pay for advertising, internet presence, office supplies, and materials. At this time, the registry has over 600 members, and we do our best to keep costs down despite inflation and the daily cost of living that affects each of us. We advertise in the following magazines: Hobby Farms, Sheep, Coutryside, Cappers, and occasionally in Mother Earth and other similar magazines. As a current member, you are listed on our website under the “members” section. We also include your e-mail and/or website information under your name so potential buyers have instant access to you. We have added a Tri-Fold pamphlet for you to give potential buyers, give away at fairs, etc. You may want to add your personal information or attach your business card on the front cover.

Please feel free to contact the registry if you have any questions or concerns.